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House of Night

Welcome, Fledglings

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To discuss thoughts, feelings and predictions of the books in the series.
I decided to create this community because I saw that livejournal was lacking one and I figured fans of the series might like a fun place to share their thoughts about what they've read and give any predictions they might have for the series.

air, aphrodite lafont, aphrodite/darius, aphrodite/erik, aphrodite/zoey, beelzebub, betrayed, breaking dawn, broken arrow, burned, chosen, cole/shaunee, dallas, damien maslin, damien/jack, darius/aphrodite, dragon lankford, duchess, earth, eclipse, erik night, erik/aphrodite, erik/zoey, erin bates, erin/shaunee, erin/tj, fire, full moon, grandma redbird, harry potter, heath luck, heath/zoey, house of night, hunted, j.k. rowling, jack twist, jack/damien, james stark, kalona/neferet, kalona/zoey, kramisha, kristin cast, lenobia, loren/neferet, loren/zoey, maleficent, marked, nala, neferet/kalona, neferet/loren, new moon, nyx, p.c. cast, rephaim/stevie rae, shaunee cole, shaunee/cole, shaunee/erin, shekinah, sister mary angela, south intermediate high school, spirit, stark/zoey, stephenie meyer, stevie rae johnson, stevie rae/rephaim, stevie rae/zoey, street cats, tempted, tj/erin, twilight, untamed, vampire, vampyre, venus, water, zoey redbird, zoey/aphrodite, zoey/erik, zoey/heath, zoey/kalona, zoey/loren, zoey/stark, zoey/stevie rae